Nathan Hescock,
Founder & Director of Development, Board of Directors

Nathan Hescock, professional dancer and entrepreneur, founded Rhythm Break Productions in 1999, creating a home for other dance professionals to maintain their craft, broaden their ideas, and share their knowledge with others. He is also the founder of NY Wedding & Partner Dance and Furnish Green. Nathan began studying ballroom dance in 1980. Dancing did not come easily for him and he was invigorated by the challenges brought in the studio and the stage. Nearly thirty years later, Nathan has not only mastered the art of social dance but has found a way to share his passion with both those dedicated to the art and those looking to have a good time on the dance floor.  He is also the ballroom instructor for the United Nations. Nathan founded Rhythm Break Cares in 2001 as an expression for his knowledge of music, movement and passion for the elderly community.

Joey Corsica, Director of Programs, Board of Directors

Teaching dance and presenting entertainment to the masses has been Joey’s passion for the past 2 decades. With a B.A in psychology and accreditation as a ballroom dance instructor from some of the largest dance studios in the nation, his ability to help people through dance is a testament to his dedication. Instilling confidence, incorporating exercise, and communicating rhythm are the fundamentals you experience in every one of his sessions. Joey’s motivating, fun and innovative ways of teaching dance and movement to groups are the staple of every one of RBC’s programs and are always an instant success.

Thomas J. McKeeff, Ph. D., Board of Directors

Dr. McKeeff is a cognitive neuroscientist at Harvard University and investigates the complex relationship between the brain and behavior. His research focuses primarily on the cortical and cognitive mechanisms that underlie perception, attention, action, and awareness. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Psychology and earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Princeton

Stine Moen, Instructor, Board of Directors

Stine fell in love with dance at a young age. In 2006 she received her B.A. inProfessional Dance and Pedagogy from the Norwegian College of Dance, specializing in dance and movement counseling. After graduating, she moved to New York for continued studies at Dance New Amsterdam. Stine is currently performing with modern dance companies Body Collider Dance, Ruah Inc., Shirdance and Modern Gypsies. She has performed at Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center, the Marc Jacobs Holiday Party, Biz Bash Style Awards at Nokia Theatre, Tribeca Film festival and more. Stine started dancing with Rhythm Break Cares in 2011 and holds the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors.

Yael ZweigYael Zweig, Board of Directors

Yael Zweig is an Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner at the NYU Pearl Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment.  She has always been passionate about the care of older adults, particularly those with dementia and related disorders. Her area of interest is in providing a combination of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic approaches for patients with memory disorders.  In addition to the clinical care she provides at the Pearl Barlow Center, she is also a member of the NYU Alzheimer’s Disease Center Education Core, and a part of other research projects at the NYU Comprehensive Center on Brain Aging.  She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BSN and from New York University with a MSN, Adult Primary Care and Geriatrics Nurse Practitioner.

Netta Avedon, Board of Directors Netta pic

Netta Avedon is an accomplished professional for the United Nations and its family of international organizations. She served as Chief of Human Resources Services at the United Nations overseeing the administration of thousands of staff world wide, and is currently a senior level consultant in international human resources. Having spent nearly four decades at the United Nations, she has a demonstrated record of successfully building and managing teams and creating an enabling work environment in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic setting.  In 2012 she was elected to the Governing Board of the Association of Former International Civil Servants (AFICS/NY), with a membership of more than 3,000 in the tri-state area, and serves as First Vice-President.  She holds a BA in French and Education and has lectured extensively in her field.  She rediscovered her love of ballroom dance more than eight years ago, and currently dances at least three times per week.  She is delighted to be a part of the Board of Directors of Rhythm Break Cares.

Lia Wong, Instructor

Lia spent her childhood in Hong Kong mesmerized by musicals from the 1940s, which led to lessons in tap, jazz and ballet. She attended the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts to obtain her certificates in ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance before coming to New York for university. In New York, Lia made the switch from ballet to International Standard ballroom, becoming a U.S. amateur finalist in 2008. She has been competing, teaching and performing professionally ever since. Lia hopes to share the joy that dancing has brought her with others.

Amy Klewitz, Instructor

Amy began dancing and performing at a young age and knew this was her calling. Her love for partner dancing began with Swing and Salsa in her teens when she went on to train and compete in American Smooth and Rhythm. Amy holds a B.A. in Dance and Theatre from San Francisco State University and an M.F.A in Theatre Performance and Dance from The New School University/Actors Studio Drama School. Her choreography has been seen in numerous musicals, showcases, and off–broadway. She has danced in commercials, films and TV shows including Guiding Light. Her teaching styles include American Rhythm and Smooth as well as Salsa, Hustle, and Argentine Tango. Her favorite part of being a teacher is sharing her love for movement.

HoobaHooba, Instructor

From body suspension, circus and classical to modern dance, Hooba graced the stages at Nokia Theatre, Gotham Hall, and Lincoln Center. After earning a dance and movement counseling degree in Norway, he sailed into NYC-based companies: SOTU Productions, Tweeds, Ruah Inc and most recently Modern Gypsies. He continues to choreograph, perform and tour with Body Collider Dance, for which he is a co-founder.

Jason Bayus, Instructor

Jason Bayus has worked in the professional dance and fitness industry for the past Jason15 years as both an instructor and performer. Having extensive experience in both stage/film work and in the classroom Jason brings a high level of energy and creativity to his students with clarity and distinction. He has worked with a wide variety of clientele from adolescents and adult beginner couples first learning coordinated movement to celebrities and professional athletes seeking more fit and agile physiques. His recent career focus has been on amplifying the health benefits of movement and dance. He is a proud associate of Rhythm Breaks Cares and he also works at the Icahn School of Medicine as a research coordinator investigating effective methods for Alzheimer’s prevention.

Our dance instructors are certified by the
Alzheimer’s Association, New York Chapter

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