Rhythm Break Cares (RBC) takes a unique and highly effective approach to address the widespread and immediate needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s, associated dementias, and their caregivers, by engaging them in partner dance as a means to improve their quality of life. Since 2009, RBC has successfully offered this interesting form of dance therapy, which capitalizes on the demonstrated benefits of music, movement and touch. Our sessions provide a rare opportunity for patients and their caregivers to escape some of the burdens associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia, in a stress-free environment where they can observe, participate and be entertained.

Our dance artists are professionally trained Ballroom and Modern dancers that have undergone specific training to work with the Alzheimer’s, dementia, and elderly communities. We hold sessions in a variety of ways offering social functions at our midtown location, on-site sessions at dementia centers, private lessons, and instruction for caregivers and caregiver group classes. Some of our current on site locations and centers include; New York Memory Center, 80th St Residence, Hearthstone, The Esplanade, and The National Alzheimer’s Association.

At Rhythm Break Cares, our mission is to help as many individuals that we can through the restorative power of music, movement and touch; while also in partnership with assisted living residences, researchers and other organizations working towards the same cause.

For more information, please call (646) 742-9014 or email us at rbcares@gmail.com.


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  1. I am the primary caretaker for my soon-to-be 83 year old grandmother. She is experiencing many challenges accepting her present condition (mild-moderate) and health (COPD, hypertension). I am seeking activities to motivate her as the “aging process” is not favorable. She worked for over 31 years for NYC and still has a strong flame burning. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  2. Please send me a schedule with date and time.i would love to bring my mother.

  3. Hi Betty,

    Our next tea dance will happen April 17th at 1:30pm-3:00pm. It will be at our studio in Manhattan. The address is 1261 Broadway, suite 510. (between 31st and 32nd street on Broadway) Call or email to register. rbcares@gmail.com/646 742 9014

    Stine Moen

  4. I would like to know if RBC comes to other centers besides the locations that are mentioned on your website.

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